Cookabunga! is a family friendly cooking show. It stars veteran stand-up comic Heywood Banks as a down-on-his-luck host of the cable access show Cookabunga! The show has its own band of fruits and vegetables and with the help of Sal and Al Dente, two kooky (or is that “cookie”) oven mitts, Heywood tries to lead kids and adults on a hilarious pursuit of gastronomical delight. “Pirate Cookies” is the first in a planned series of off-the-wall cooking shows. It is loosely based on real female pirate Anne Bonny’s famous lost 300-year-old pirate cookie recipe. The recipe was said to have put the “jolly” in the Jolly Roger. When she buried it along with Bob the talking coconut, pirates lost their favorite snack and their will to be naughty. Piracy quickly became as legendary as Anne Bonny’s pirate cookies.

Until now. Join Heywood and the Cookabunga! cast as they use their shoebox time machine to go back into time to retrieve the lost pirate cookie recipe to show you how to bake 'em up like Anne Bonny did 300-years-ago. Soon families all over the world will be baking pirate cookies and seeing for themselves why pirates were so jolly.

Here's Heywood performing one of his most famous routines: